40 Days Fit - Day 9

Well, I feel much better. This morning was a rough start, but after the initial "I still feel like I'm going to pass out" while I was eating breakfast with a client, the day moved upwards. I was busy at work, I got some new things rolling, the dizzy feeling went away AND I got a quick run in. As expected, the short 3 miles felt  somewhat difficult, but it was so nice outside that I had to take advantage of the day that was left.

I also realized that I think my body shut down yesterday due to stress. I have been jumping between many things in my life, with work, the gym and social times, and I didn't take time to just relax. My body finally gave in to the amount of non-stop I put it through, and it made me realize that sometimes you just need to STOP. I love being busy, whether with friends, at work or at the gym, but no one can do that all the time. There comes a point when your body just shuts down, and that is how I felt yesterday.

One thing that always relaxes me though, and totally against my "40 Days Fit" - baking. I'm headed to a friend's tomorrow, and they requested some of my sweet delights, so I felt obligated (and also really wanted to) bring something. Luckily, sugar cookie mix and confectioner's sugar was stored in my pantry. I made these tasty little sugar cookie and icing treats for tomorrow, and I also mustered up enough will power to not even take one bite. Instead, I just popped in some Stride gum and went to my yummy-work. Tomorrow's plan is to get up early, quick cardio, work, then head right to my session with Bing, then off to the party. It is going to be a long Friday...

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