40 Days Fit - Day 15

Today, I am really tired. I've been feeling that way since I woke up. I had an insane amount of energy right before my run yesterday- I was literally dancing around my room to my shuffle before I actually started running. I am sure I looked completely ridiculous, but I was enjoying myself!

Weeks involve highs and lows - times you are on "cloud 9", times you just want to rest your head on the desk, times you can't seem to focus and times you feel like you can accomplish anything. When you keep feeling dragged down and worn out, you need to schedule time for yourself. If you miss out on a weekend with friends, or skip an exercise session (or two), it's ok. Know that you will be fine. You will bounce back, you will feel better and your productivity will sky-rocket.

I would love a vacation right now, even if it is just for a few days. I think it is needed. Basically, I need to schedule nothing for myself, which is hard to do. Now to just figure out when (and how)...

I'm limiting myself to 3 early morning sessions this week. 2 down, one more to go on Friday. Trainer twice this week (today and Friday). Running tomorrow for 5 miles. I think that's it. I'm ready for the weekend, and hopefully a little mental break.

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