40 Days Fit - Day 18 & Day 19

I did not keep with my workout schedule this weekend. I finally had the chance for a break, with no actual commitments this weekend and I took full advantage of it. I enjoyed myself, getting a much needed break from the pressure I seem to pile on myself constantly. Atlanta was beautiful all weekend, so I laid by the pool, read, drove with the windows down, and walked everywhere I could.

I even got to head to the Atlanta Fish Market across the street for dinner with my mom on Saturday. We both got one of their delicious fish choices with the Salad mix, and it perfectly hit the spot! I haven't had fish in so long and it was a very welcome change to see the Red Snapper sitting on my plate, perfectly cooked and delicious in every way. 

After a full day of relax and as usual, time on the Buckhead night-scene, I was still dreading my scheduled 10-mile run. I think my phone was taunting me, because it sent me 3 or 4 separate reminders of what I was supposed to do today. Notice I said "supposed to do" - it didn't happen. About 10 minutes in, I was having a hard time breathing, felt no motivation to keep going and honestly just felt worn out. It was truly one of those days that I wanted someone to run with me and help push me. I wasn't motivating myself and I needed help.

I did get in the abs workout I described in an earlier post. If I could do that, I knew I would feel better. So, pushed through it, still wanting to just go back to sleep and collapse on my floor or bed for a little. I know my trainer is going to be disappointed in my workout today, so tomorrow I am sure she will kick my ass. Ouch...

There is a week left until the Publix Half Marathon. I cannot wait for it to be over. I am so sick of training for distances right now. I have been training for distance since June of last year, not taking a break since I leaped from my marathon right into the half-marathon. I'm doing too much. I asked one of my good friends who does triathlons and is a pretty avid biker for some advice. "You need to have more than just one (relaxing) weekend. You need to reach that point where you are tired of not training hard". That's advice I'll truly be taking to heart. You need a break to not have any goals and to just enjoy where you are, making the time to do other things you like to do that don't follow a plan. I am all about routine, and it helps and hurts me. 

6 more days until the half marathon, then hello fun 5K season. CAN.NOT.WAIT!!

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