40 Days Fit - Day 24

This past weekend, my shuffle had gotten stolen. Luckily, they're only $50, but still... how annoying is that? I finally sucked it up after using my iphone for the past week (luckily I didn't have any outdoor runs, just treadmill work) and therefore didn't need the little shuffle.

For me, I love music. I have it on constantly, searching for wide ranges of music for any difference situation. Running, however, requires a special pace and tune. If it's too slow, I get bored and unwilling to push myself. If it is all over the place, I get annoyed. It's a balance, and everyone has different tastes in what they prefer.

But the one type of music that always seems to get you pumped? Mashups. You usually know the songs, the artists, but it takes something seen as "old" or "used" and creates an entirely new view. Mashups have been something coming more mainstream recently, with artists like Girl Talk, White Panda, Germany and Milk Man. I've listen to all, and even after a while, you get bored of these.

When I was listening today to music, trying to find some new tunes for my newly purchased pink shuffle, it came to me. Mashups are nothing new. They are from cheerleading competitions! I just didn't see it in this context, since in cheerleading you have a few call outs built within the 150 second song mix.

Funny how these "faux-hipster" crowds are supporting one of the groups I think they despise - cheerleaders... We are all connected and influenced by each other, somehow.

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