40 Days Fit - Day 32

What a beautiful day for a morning run! It was perfectly chilly out, not too bright and I was surrounded by a bunch of people enjoying the same thing (again, my kind-a scene!)

The Atlanta Track Club hosted their annual Women's 5K this morning in Candler Park and you better believe I was there! I was placed in Corral A, and all of the typical competition runners were crowding to the front of me. My times recently have been giving me an extra dose of confidence, but I did not look like a "trained" athlete this morning.

I was wearing normal socks, not my performance ones, a cotton t-shirt, and my hair was in a side braid rather than slicked back. Whatever. It was a 5K. Do I really need to look like a pro to run like one? Not this morning.

I ended up passing a lot of these women, thankfully. They can be intimidating, but it is getting over the mental "I cant's". I've always known that my body isn't built to be a fast runner, but I saw a shirt this girl was wearing today that really resided with me. I want to find this! (Granted, she was a tiny girl, but still applicable.)

"It's not the size of the girl in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the girl."

It's based off the "fight in the dog" quote by Mark Twain, but switched up a bit.

The race went well - I clocked in right at 24 minutes (7:45-ish per mile), but the best was passing through the finish line. They gave everyone a carnation, and whole foods had SO much food laid out. I grabbed a few Clif bars (well, a "few" being 6... oops) and a banana. You have to avoid eating all of the food they have their though. When you run a 5K, you really burn only 300 calories. If you go and gorge on the bagels, multiple bananas, the dark chocolate (it was a women's race, of course they had this) and the different nutrient bars, you could end up eating 3 times as much as you just burnt off - not good! 

But, here's what I grabbed today from the race. Best part of a race is always the swag bag! 

Notice the ATC application (which I'll finally fill out and send off to be a real member) and all of the upcoming race flyers. In the back there is also a new sports recovery drink called FRS. I've been drinking these the past week (they were at the GA Publix Half Expo, the BeltLine Run Club and at the race today), and they seem great! I'm definitely going to look into this new company a bit more. 

Next up on the list: THE COLOR RUN!! So excited to run with the Sour Patch Kids and get all marked up with splashed of crazy colors!


  1. wow a 7:45 minute mile! Impressive!!!! Grea job


    1. Thank you. It taked lots of work (as you know I am sure), but well worth the feeling of accomplishment you get. Now if only I could get my arms to look like y'alls... haha