Fighting Leukemia & Lymphoma

So it is all official - I've signed up for my second marathon in a year, but this time I have a strong cause pushing me every mile. Team in Training has been around for a while, and I am sure that you would easily recognize the purple teams if you have ever run a major race. Now I am part of that team and will be running the Bank of America Chicago marathon on October 7, 2012. Crazy, I know...

I've set a personal goal of $2,900 to raise by this date, and am working on fundraising ideas (koozies, cupcakes, anyone??). I really need support to reach this goal. I have been lucky to not be personally affected by these terrible blood cancers, but I want to help, and considering how scared I am of needles and anything having to do with doctors, why not run? Something I love to help others - sign me up!

You can view my personal fundraising page HERE - track, donate, leave me a support comment. It's a big task, but one with rewards beyond what I can images. Here we go!

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