Summer Sunsets with Watermelon

Last night Dan and I tried to get our graduated butts out of our parent's home and actually surround ourself with our new city. We had planned a few other friends to join, but sometimes plan fall through. So, we headed to Park Tavern for their Summer Sunsets in the Park to listen to Main Street Exiles (a Rolling Stones cover) and Yacht Rock Revue.

We walked in an immediately felt that we were the youngest people there, especially after seeing most of the people in attendance were sporting "Pam's 40th" koozies. So, we feel old in Athens now but too young in Atlanta. My goal is to find where I belong and where my scene is. I know it's here. It will just take some trial and error. Both bands were great, but being the old woman I act like, I left around 10:30 before YRR could finish their second set. I really should start taking naps again if I plan on going out.

My friend Adam just moved into his new apartment in Athens, so I had every intention of baking him cookies as a house warming. My mom came down to the kitchen and saw the beginning of my baking, and another order for my goodies was placed. My mom is headed to A BYOB and food concert at Chukkar Farms tonight, so of course a dessert is needed. I've ended up with 3 cookie sheets full of these pretty sugary treats, and have told myself that one is enough.

They took over 4 hours, but they look great! The seeds are chocolate covered sunflower seeds that Trader Joe's sells. My mom also purchased dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds while there, unwrapped them while I was baking, and placed the plastic tub in front of me as she ran out the door. She really knows how to help me stay on my running diet.

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  1. Presto. Your cookies and cup cakes are always so adorable. Whenever you decide to start a baking company, let me know & if I have any investment capital, you can have it.