What an interesting week this has been. Last weekend it all started with my first experience of Buckhead nightlife. Gersh, Angela, and I headed to Five Paces Inn and Pool Hall after grabbing a taco at Tin Lizzy's. We also managed a free drink from the bartender, saying that he was glad some attractive women finally showed up to a bar full of dudes.

I was extremely worried about a phone call I had to make on Monday, but it turned out into me being invited to a second round interview for a position in Buckhead. I love the company, and now hoping that the second interview this coming Monday goes well.

I think I got very overwhelmed by a lot of things that went on earlier this week, and ended up having somewhat of a cry fest in my mom's room watching home re-design shows. The pressures of finding a job, training for this marathon, and really not knowing what is going on with my life in the short term is a lot to think about. I was being the typical emotional female. It has to happen every once in a while, right?

So, this week I really focused on finding housing in Atlanta. After 2 days of driving from Highlands to Buckhead to Midtown and more, I decided it just isn't the right time for me to make that investment, so a little longer at mom's until I find a job and gain income is fine with me. I love her kitchen too, so that is a plus for staying. She also treated me to a pedicure on Tuesday, making the stress chill out a little.

My body has been hurting from all of the running and weight training I have been putting it through, so I finally got in a yoga class at our gym as an alternative to my run for the day. It was a great way to start my morning, and really tuned me in to how terrible my posture is. I'm definitely trying to fit in more classes this week. I also received another job interview request for Tuesday in the Highlands area. Things are looking up!

After another Friday night out in Buckhead and a visit to the "Secret Garden", joined this time by the Maggie (Angela's friend) and Emily, I spent the day cooking and baking. My mom is hosting a dinner party of 10 at her house tomorrow, and I of course volunteered to make cupcakes. I needed to make something universally liked, so I decided to go with a vanilla cake and cream cheese frosting, that I dyed yellow to compliment the sunny weather in Georgia.

I also wanted to make some pretty healthy foods for dinner and dessert since last night we devoured goldfish, pretzels, bagel crisps, and hummus and today I snuck one of the cupcakes I made. It's definitely a detox kinda day. I made Eggs Italiano, but instead of using the whole egg I just used whites. I would use a little more balsamic vinegar next time, but it was very good and used eggs, one of my favorite foods.

I also made Meringue Topped Strawberries & Rhubarb, which turned out so pretty in the new ramekins my mom purchased. I've never used rhubarb before, but it will soon become a staple in my recipes.

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