No Longer Jobless!

As some of you know, I was offered a job in April of this year for a sales position. Door to door sales, going in completely blind, and paid strictly on commission. Needless to say, that was no where near my dream. After my stint in Paris, I realized that I needed to remove myself from that situation. I felt that once I put myself in the position, I would be so unhappy that I would end up quitting within the week anyway. So, I put myself back on the market in the demanding and difficult job market. I have been looking for a position for the past 2 months, and finally I have found something!!

This job isn't just one that I settled with. When applying for positions, I made sure that the descriptions fell inline with my strengths and interests. Friday I applied, Tuesday I went to the interview, and today I was offered the position. Them telling me "We should have stopped the interview process once we met you" just reassured the feeling I had coming out of the interview that this was the place for me.

So, here is my new home, The Propel Agency, and I am so excited to begin my first day with them this Monday. Surprisingly, their office is very similar looking to my apartment this year in Athens. Just another sign. I will be working with branding and marketing, especially with client relations and organization/communication. The job description they told me fits perfectly with what I do and the areas I believe I excel. Whoopppyyy!

I guess I can't include "Jobless" in my blog title anymore... New suggestions would be welcomed! I can't describe how happy I am for Monday and to begin this new experience which I am hoping will prove to be all that it seems!

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