Pick me!

I am approaching this job search with a completely hopeful mindset. I guess that is really the only way to go, but today I KNOW that I will get an email or a phone call back from one of the 30+ jobs I have applied for over the past few days. I already had one phone interview that would relocate me to Brooklyn for a month, then off to wherever I would be needed. The thought of moving sounds so exciting! At this point, I am willing to move across the world. I just want to hear back and get a company to pick me for one of their positions. The countdown is at 16 days till move-out from my apartment. Scary!

Those cupcakes are still lounging around in my fridge, so if you would like one please come get one! I have been brainstorming this morning what to do for my brother's 20th birthday that is coming up this Sunday. It's a big one I guess, leaving the teen years. Wow, when did my little brother blonde bowlcut "Danuw" turn into a grown person? If anyone has suggestions (including you Daniel), throw them at me! I'm pretty sure some sort of baking him something will occur.

I tried to sit at Walker's yesterday and write one of the three papers I still have to tackle for my study abroad classes. The one that I cannot come up with any ideas for is unfortunately 60% of my grade. I also lost all of the notes for the class when my older computer decided to crash while I was in Europe. This is a more serious problem than a writers block I think. But I also have more interesting things to do than write papers, so the distraction that comes along with having the internet prevented me from getting any sort of work done.

Tonight seems like it is going to turn into another music night. So while all of you people are waiting to see Harry Potter at midnight, I'll be jammin' at Farm 255 to Brothers and Major Love Event. Now here is where the confession comes- I haven't seen all of the Harry Potter movies, let alone read the books. I think I got up to #5 and that is only because ABC Family had a marathon weekend where my roommates and I used our DVR to record and then proceeded to watch all of them. So, one day I'll catch up, but today just isn't that day.

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