Baseball Caps seem foreign

It was my first night back out on the Athens bar scene. We finally made it out around 12:30. I ended up going out with some guy friends, starting out at 9des bar. Last time I was there it involved a MC HAmmer dressed black man slamming a huge white wall onto the bar's ground, straddling her, and grinding. Athens always amazes me. But, it was much less eventful last night, so we just left. After AllGood and Boar's Head, it was already closing time since we had gotten out so late. I loved running into everyone that night, including seeing some girls from the sorority. It was so weird being out, somewhat of that "reverse culture shock" our teachers talked about. Tshirts, ball caps, and some tackily dressed girls (no Athens normally) were everywhere. One girl at Boar's Head was wearing a silk corset, black spandex shorts, and gold glitter heels. Sorry, that is not appropriate, ever, and definitely not in Southern fashion.

Yesterday seemed like such a drag. I applied to over 25 different positions listed on multiple job sites. I hope that I hear something soon from one of them. It included a good amount of paid internships as well, but of course they would be full time. I also think I know more of the direction I want to go, well, at least I know what I don't want to do - sales. So, cross your fingers for me! Well, I need to go pull myself together for the day after a late night. My dad is coming to Athens today, and I haven't seen him in 2 months. Poor guy has been having lots of fatigue recently, so I am hoping he feels a little better today. I know tomorrow he is getting a shot to give him back some energy. I am sure this heat and the dark skies aren't helping his tired feelings at all. Back to my new found green tea addiction (I drink like 3 cups a day), and my attempt to stick to my diet, which failed thanks to last night's drinking. I really need to get serious.

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