Hiiii Humidity

If ya'll don't know, I'm from Georgia. It is where I have lived practically all of my life, and I have loved it! But, I am so ready for a change of scene. I feel that I have exhausted so much of this city. Maybe that is completely false, but sometimes I question it. Today was a day of adding a "con" to Georgia. I was supposed to run 9 miles (about 14K) this morning, and it failed epically. I did everything right- woke up early, hydrated thoroughly, and made sure the appropriate clothing was put on. I turned on my iPod shuffle and headed out the door. As soon as I left the AC and continuous fanning of my apartment, the humidity hit my like a wave. My whole body felt moist and there was no relief in sight. After managing to run/walk about half of what was planned, I had to sit under the shade of one of UGA's north campus trees in order to let my body stop over-heating itself. Well, at least my marathon isn't until November. Being popped back into Georgia after the perfect weather in Paris and London, my training has taken a major step back.

It will be fine though. I am going to the athletic center tomorrow to see if my student card still works. If not, I will just need to suck it up and run outdoors and get used to it. I guess that would be the better thing to do since this marathon is in the muggy Savannah. At least November usually proves to have perfect weather. I wish I was able to focus more on my running and fun things, but job applications have seem to take over my life! I am applying to a lot of internships at the moment, being everywhere in the US to even the UK. I wonder where I will end up. So, it is a waiting game. One that I hope will end soon since I am down to three weeks.

I was looking through a lot of my photos from the last few months. It included formal, senior bar crawl, and other times with friends. Wow, it is hard to believe that many of those people will never be in the same place at once again. The dynamic of this city will completely change. But, I will always remember how happy I was, rather than the times I felt down. Being back in America has proved to be a little of a downer, especially when I can't stop thinking of someone. it is comforting though to know they think of me as well. But I know that it will all work out how it should. Someone once told me "things about bad times is you know they can only get better". I am trying hard to listen to this, by keeping busy and looking towards the future. It's a very difficult task.

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