Do treadmills work?

As I headed to the gym today, glad it was a weight rather than running day (although tomorrow I'll be saying hi to the rolling belt as usual), I started to think: Is this treadmill really getting me in shape for one of the biggest physical challenges I have put myself against?

So being me, I started doing some research. I have been running treadmill rather than outdoors since the heat is completely unbearable for me. I already have people asking how my swim was when I leave the gym after running. I don't need to completely dehydrate my whole body. So, here was what I discovered when it comes to training on the treadmill:

- The best tip is to raise the incline, at least 1%. When you are running on a treadmill, you are actually in a slightly downward position if the incline is in neutral.
- If possible, get some runs outside. I think my goal is to do my short Sunday runs SUPER early in the morning before the sun starts pounding down
- Runs on the treadmill are actually longer than your outdoor run since it isn't very accurate, and will help you better prepare
- Treadmills are boring. You'll have much more fun when you get to the race, and be able to push and enjoy yourself more. Use it as a mental training tool.
- Use the pre-programmed runs often to shake up your routine and get your body out of a state of same-ole-same

So, those are the main points I found. They make sense. Enjoy the built in fan too!

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