Hello Again Atlanta

I cannot believe that all of this has snuck up so quickly. I am finally back in the Atlanta area, and ready to get on with finding a job, apartment, and still training for my marathon. This weekend was really difficult to stay on track with my training, especially my eating plan. I really didn't make the time between hanging out with friends, parties, and moving myself back and forth between cities to cook or eat every three-ish hours, what my eating plan calls for to keep steady blood sugar levels. But, I am making the grocery list for the week right now. Not only will it be yummy, but healthy.

I also have several job leads in Atlanta, and a few that will lead me to other areas. Of course, I am very interested in the Atlanta ones at the moment. I feel that I am not ready to leave here yet since I haven't experienced all that I can of this city. Athens, I know. Atlanta, not so much. I can't wait to go apartment searching as well once I secure a job. I hope that I'll be able to finally set up my own place without knowing I'll be gone in a year. I hate having time constraints.

This week brings interviews, adjustments to my new living situation, and some goodbyes to good friends and roommates. But, it'll bring new fresh fun. I'm ready to take it on, and my 11 mile run on Saturday.

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