Carload of shoes

Last night ended up being a great show! Major Love Event started the show. It was one woman playing the keyboard with a drummer, and the vocals were amazing! It was the first time I had ben to Farm 255, and the venue was beautiful, filled with long heavy wooden tables, antique doors as decoration, bricks walls, and wooden vaulted ceilings. The walls also had pictures of their farm lining around the inside. Brothers was the next band to perform, and really entertained. The 4 guys demanded a crowd and gained lots of attention judging from the larger amounts of people that came to their show.

I ended up doing more scrapbooking today. I am putting off writing my papers for my classes until next week when I am home with nothing much to do except job applications and no friends around to offer me fun things to do. I also started to pack up my shoes. After climbing the ladder to the loft area and slowly sorting through the mess of what I just throw up there, I realized I may have a few too many pairs and that the loft is half empty without them occupying the space.This packing is unreal. I didn't think I had too much to do, but it is turning into a longer and more drawn out process than I expected. I think my shopping habits have
contributed to the problem greatly.

Jen left Athens today to leave for home then off to start her big girl job. I got to see her and have lunch at the Grit with her, probably one of our favorite places in Athens. I had the Golden Bowl with veggies and a little hot sauce and soy sauce while she went with the Smelt and sweet potato fries. Yum!! Click here for the Golden Bowl recipe and here for a link to the Grit, an Athens only restaurant definitely worth a try! On my wishlist is their cookbook, and I really want their recipe for the Brown Sugar Caramel Cake. It's not in the cookbook, but it is one of the best cakes I have ever tasted.

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