Back to it!

My heart was racing, my body was telling me to quit, and my breathe has become close to hyperventilation. It was the first time in a long time getting my butt on a bike. I wanted to make sure it was worth it. After a full body weight workout, I finally jumped on since yesterday was my cross training day, and the bike it the best thing for your knees and taking off pressure from your body. I really enjoyed it. I could feel my thighs burning the whole time and knew I was working muscles that had been overlooked, or maybe it was the results of lunges and squats I had just done. Yesterday was the first day I had really hit the gym, and man did it feel good! I'm supposed to run about an hour today, and the heat index in GA is supposed to reach 107 degrees. Even the weather man on Good Morning America said don't do it, since your body can literally shut down just from the heat and humidity. I'm not going to argue, so I think many of my workouts are going to turn indoors for a while. Good thing I have the time to get used to hills and the outdoors for a few months before my marathon in November.

I also have started scrapbooking again. I though that I really needed to since my Paris pictures need to have a story and some creativity added to them. They deserve that considering they show one of the best times of my life. I've also been really keeping with my "diet", which is really just an awesome eating plan which allows me to cook all the time. I missed cooking so much while in Paris, and eggs. I really really missed eggs. Caroline and I are supposed to head out for a concert tonight in Athens for a band called James Justin & Co. Review soon to come! They sounds awesome, so should be a fun show at Nowhere Bar. Check them out on youtube:


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