New job and all gone!

The past few days have FLOWN by. I don't even know at this point what each day entailed. One of the most exciting parts though has been the new part time job I landed with Notable Weddings and Events. I work on Saturdays, running the store, sorting through vendors for our company to use, and selling gowns or tuxedos. I wish I were able to work there full time, but as of now it just isn't possible for them. So, I need to keep searching for that full time job and hopefully it turns into one that I will really enjoy. I think I have found the industry I want to develop into a career as well, which is so exciting!

I am also fully moved out of Athens. It was so sad to leave the apartment, but I have an understanding that it is time to move on, hopefully to the bigger and better paying! I also have to start looking for an apartment in the Atlanta area, but of course that won't come until I solidify a full time job. For now, I'll stick with the basement and my boxes still packed.

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