Packing for good

3 more days in Athens. That's all.

Where has the past 4 years gone and why did it have to go so quickly. Moving out of the Classic City has crept up on me, slowly, and now I feel that I am completely unprepared to adjust. This past year has truly been one of the best. My roommates were both amazing, our apartment was in the perfect location, and I finally began to connect to my friends in a greater capacity. I enjoyed myself more, and am beginning to figure out what else there is for me. I had the chance to travel, to enjoy late Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays, and even Mondays out on the town, to meet new people, and really got to soak in the Bulldawg experience.

I'm going to miss entertaining on Saturday mornings at 8am, pouring mimosas and pancake batter while dressed in red and black sundresses. I'm going to miss stumbling up to my apartment after chowing down on the grill's chicken finger and feta fries platter. I'm really going to miss all of the amazing people I have met the past 4 years, the people that have become family to me.

I'm not ready to enter limbo, with truly no apartment, hanging out in mom's basement till I secure a job. Not my ideal into entering big girl land. It will solve itself though, and soon I'll be on my path, which I am sure will have numerous twists and turns. For now, my goal is to finish 3 final papers for my study abroad classes while taking breaks to pack my life. What a weird feeling!

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  1. This almost made me cry! Im going to miss Athens so much too, and all of the wonderful people I have gotten to know here! We will all (fingers crossed) figure out the next step sooner or later, and until then, there is nothing wrong with mom's house! I am so glad I got to experience UGA, DG, and Athens with you Presto! Miss you!