Overstuffed Portobellos: My New "Go-To"

So again, another day where I had too much time on my hands. Cooking takes time for me, and actually gives me something entertaining during the day besides just filling out job apps and stressing over how my life is in a weird chaos.

Well, these Bellos made me pretty happy. I found the recipe on Clean Eating's Reader Recipe list, and it was far from disappointing. The smells as I started to chop the veggies and roast the red peppers in the oven made me hungry!

I recommend roasting the red peppers in advance, as I forgot until I started sautéing the vegetables. Also, look for mushrooms that make a bowl shape rather than having a flat bottom to the cap. It helps when you start stuffing them, because there is a lot of mix with the amount of vegetables you use. Enjoy!

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