Passions, Questions and Finding the Answers

I think I am going through a quarter-ish life crisis. I am starting to learn about what I love, what I hate, and come up with the ideas of where I want to be compared to where I am now. It's a lot of soul-searching, heavy questions and it is hard to keep everything straight.

If you're close with me, I think you know what "life struggles" I am facing right now. I talk about it pretty openly since I love opinions and hearing people's advice.

I think a change is coming. What is that? Not quite sure. I think I am moving in the right direction, but figuring out my life at the moment is not going to really happen - it's just going to move closer to what I want and where my passions lie. What is my inspiration and what will get me excited about waking up each day? Hmm, good question. I think it needs some answers.

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