40 Days Fit - Day 23

Finally! It is Peachtree Road Race registration time. I thought instead of talking and babbling on about my workouts (because honestly, I don't feel like talking about them much at this point), I'd give you some insight on what this race is and WHY it is so cool (and why I'm definitely going to be disappointed if I'm left ticket-less).

The Peachtree started in 1975, with about 100 Atlanta Track Club runners and a sponsorship from Carling Brewery. The next year, the amount of runners doubled, up until today when they are currently accepting 60,000 people! The first year I ran, I believe that there were 55,000 runners (2003).

This is the 10th year that I would be running the Peachtree. I'll most likely run by myself, or friends, but the first year I ran when I was 13 I was with my dad. I remember how we ran on the UPS team and it was such a big accomplishment when we completed it!

Tomorrow is a friend at work's birthday, so I baked for the first time in over a month! Me? Not bake for a month... yeppers! I made fudge cake with a strawberry cream cheese frosting. I'm hoping these little babies will be a hit in the office.

I also have a confession to make - I like batter much better than cake, and I like icing by the spoonful rather than on that cake. I know, it's weird, but that's the life of a sugar-holic.

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