40 Days Fit - Day 13

I can't wait to go home today. To do a little grocery shopping, to cuddle up in bed and to just do nothing sounds superb. I am not working out tonight, though not taking a "break" - I woke up early this morning as usual to do cardio. I'm feeling a little under the weather today. It's chilly out, and was yesterday too when I was running, so I think I may be a little sick thanks to the cold snap Georgia is having again. I hate sniffles.

Tonight I'll be trying out two new recipes (a dessert and a slow cooker recipe), so I will post them tomorrow and let you know how they go!

If you get the chance, head out for a run today. It is GORGEOUS outside, and I wish I was feeling well enough to push a little today, but I just need to get better. Even a mile or two will be sufficient today in Atlanta, just to get some (semi) fresh air in your lungs and some cool, shiny rays on your face!

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