40 Days Fit - Day 30

Ten more days, I can't believe it! I am almost at the end of this "challenge", but I am sure it won't change much after Lent is over. I have felt so great recently and have noticed a big change in my attitude and my physical well-being. It is true that the body is all tied together. If either your mental or physical state is in need of some TLC, the other probably needs some help as well.

Tonight, I did my first non-race group run. If you haven't heard of the Atlanta BeltLine, it is a great project that is truly revitalizing Atlanta. All of the unused railroad tracks that go around the inside of Atlanta are being ripped up and their paths are being changed into a running and bike path that is truly connecting all of Atlanta.

One of their big sections of the project is the Atlanta BeltLine Running Series. They have 2 5Ks and one 10K set for this year and in 2011, but they also have free group runs sponsored by local restaurants.

Today was their 2nd group run of the year, and I could not wait to stretch my legs and meet some awesome runners and local Atlantans. We all met at Park's Edge, then headed out on the 3-ish mile run. The pollen was terrible, it was hot, but the run wasn't terrible. A lot of the areas we went through were the same ones that the Georgia Publix Half this weekend had taken me through.

After the run was the best part though. I managed to finish more towards the front of the group, and got first pick on the beer and food laid out. I grabbed a Sweetwater Georgia Brown (yum!), the chicken on a stick, and a piece of steak on toasted sourdough. There were a few other things out, but right after running and a beer I couldn't put much in my stomach.

The best part about the run though was meeting several people that all were into the same things I love - running, beer and better choices for your health. Being in an atmosphere like that makes me really want to get my running club going. I would love to have it weekly, since the BeltLine only has about one run a month and I could deal with this type of scene a lot more. I met a few people, even handed out my business card, and can't wait to see some of these people again and meet more people with the same interests as me! It was really a great event that the BeltLine and Park's Edge put on.

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