40 Days Fit - Day 27

In 2 more weeks, lent will be over and this "40 Days Fit" Challenge will be over. Within that time, I have 2 more races: The Atlanta Women's 5K and the Color Run. The Atlanta Women's 5K will be the one I may actually try for time, but the Color Run will be just a complete fun run.

For the next 2 weeks, I'll also be focusing on weight loss rather than timing and distance running. Especially once 5K season really starts, the slimmer you are, the faster you run. In retrospect, I am a "fat" runner. I don't consider myself fat, but running requires you to stay slim so you can keep your time down and your joints healthy. The next 2 months are big season for 5k, so it's a good time to get down to racing weight again.

5k season also coincides with swimsuit season... Luckily!

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