40 Days Fit - Day 35

It's 10:40 at night and I am finally getting around to taking a minute and getting to writing. It's been a very busy, hot, and yummy day. I woke up early this morning to go for a run. My goal was 45 minutes, and it turned into a 5 mile run. Rolling out of bed at 6am is hard, and still eerie outside of my apartment. It is so dark, dead and you have to remain aware. When I get onto the main road, Peachtree though, the road starts bustling. The amount of people running usually outnumbers the number of cars. With the hot weather Georgia is having, especially in the afternoon, running early in the early morning before the sun comes up seems to be the only reasonable time to get your run for the day in.

It was a neat finish, with the sun just starting to peek up over the tree and building lines. I felt accomplished already for the day, and it was only 7am. After a few cups of coffee, client meetings and office work, my friend Danielle and I headed to the VaHi area to try out this cute little "hole in the wall" Mexican place called Pozole neither of us had been before. 

Not only was the conversation and catching up with a friend good, but the skinny margaritas and tacos were delicious! I grabbed the pork and tilapia while Danielle tried the beef brisket and grilled chicken. All were quickly wiped clean from our plates. 

We also both had their skinny margarita, which I think I can find the recipe for. At only 100 calories a drink, it could  be my demise. They also have a jalapeno margarita which I am anxious to try. They are known for it, and considering I like both flavors it is well worth a taste test. Our waitress also recommended the Pomegranate and the Perfect Margarita. I think it may be my new spot on Wednesdays due to their daily special - $1 tacos and $3 margs. 

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  1. I love working out in the mornings and having the rest of the day to myself. I must try one of these skinny girl margarita's. I keep hear abou them.