40 Days Fit- Day 22

I opened my email and found a new message today, saying that I had a scheduled trainer visit in a few hours. What? It was around 5 and I was dead tired at work. I could barely keep my eyes open, and I thought that I would just be able to go home and relax - my trainer was scheduled for Thursday, right? Wrong...

So, I went. I pushed, not as hard as usual, but still a great workout. The good thing about having a trainer is that they never let you reach a level that you are comfortable with. They fatigue you and push you past the reps you though you could do.

Today I also found out that my trainer will be doing the half Sunday as well, along with a few other people from the gym. Looks like I'm not going to be able to skip out on this one (not like I was planning to anyway). 4 more days!

Here is what my training looks like for the week before a big race. You always want to do enough to keep your legs "loose", not giving them enough time to go stiff, but not push them too hard to make then sore or tired on race day.

Monday: 30 minute run in the morning (3.5 miles) . Tough, completely worn lower body weights at night
Tuesday: 30 minute run in the morning (3.5 miles)
Wednesday: Weights, total body. Not too hard, but enough so you feel tired
Thursday: Cardio alternative to running (like spinning) for 45 minutes
Friday: Easy run for 30 minutes (about 3 miles)
Saturday: Elliptical, light jog, or even a fast walk for 30 minutes

You also need to monitor what you are eating, drink lots of water, and keep away from too much alcohol or heavy foods. Trust me, this stuff will be felt even if you ate it 2 or 3 days earlier.

Tomorrow is also the start of registering for The Peachtree Road Race! Just a reminder, the Atlanta Track Club has all the details and how to try and get a number.

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