40 Days Fit - Day 10

25% of the way into this Lent challenge! I can't believe how quickly the days have been flying by, and my ability at actually keeping up with my writing. With my stint of being sick and headed into a (potentially) packed weekend, weather permitting, I wanted to share what supplements I've been taking for about the past month, and the reasoning behind each.

Supplements are important. There is no doubt about that. Especially when you are pushing your body, it needs an extra boost and some extra "healing power" that comes from supplements. Here is what I take:

- Glucosamine 500 and Chondroitin 400 (1 tablet)
- Fish Oil 1000 (1 soft gel)
- Vitamin B - Big100 (1 tablet)
- Multivitamin (2 tablets, which is one serving)
- CLA (1 soft gel)
- Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock (1 pill)

- Fish Oil (1 soft gel)
- CLA (1 soft gel)
- D4 (1 pill)

- Glucosamine and Chondroitin (1 tablet)
- Fish Oil (2 soft gels)
- CLA (1 soft gel)

Pre-workout, and when I need a snack in-between meals, I usually go for my Whey Isolate. One scoop per day is sufficient for me. I've also been using this in a little baking. Recipes to come!

So, what does each do?

Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • Helps with joint flexibility and health, especially my knees from running.
Fish Oil 1000
  • Contains Omega-3s
  • Healthy blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Brain, skin, eye and joint health 
Vitamin B - Big 100
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Energy production
  • Proper nerve and muscle function
  • Folic acid supports cardiovascular system
  • Healthy hair and nails
  • Mine does not include iron. 
  • Bone and metabolism support
  • Immune system health via antioxidants
  • Additional energy production
  • Maintains lean body mass
  • Supports your metabolism
Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock
  • This is basically my cup of coffee in the morning - it wakes me up, and keeps me going
  • I take the MINIMUM dosage
  • Energy, focus and appetite supression
Whey Isolate
  • Growth, repair and maintenance of body tissues (especially great to build back muscles after difficult training sessions)
 Before you start taking anything, do your research! I went into GNC with a solid plan, and then gained additional recommendations from my local rep. She also helped eliminate items she saw as unnecessary from my supplement routine. If you are going to start with supplements, you have to keep up with them. No skipping! Their effects and benefits will be eliminated if you aren't regularly taking them.

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