40 Days Fit - Day 14

I headed home today for lunch. Sometimes you need to get out of the office, and it helps give you a mental break. Luckily, I am only a 10 minute drive away. Once it finally starts warming up, I think I'll head to Piedmont Park for lunch breaks, but for now, I head home or to Starbucks next door to my office to grab some Passion Tea.

But today I was warmly welcomed home and in from the chilly breeze out to the smell of my crockpot dinner cooking! I found an amazing recipe on Skinny Taste, and the crockpot always serves me right. Look at this! How could it not be absolutely delicious:

They recommend placing the mixture on rice, but I went with some crisp green lettuce. It was the perfect combination. I finally got to dig in after my chilly run down Peachtree, and the warm chicken and spicy vegetables really took the cold feeling out of my body.

I also went to Disco Kroger on Piedmont yesterday to get all of my stuff for the week. I will forever go there on Mondays now. Their huge produce section all looked amazing and fresh! I literally felt like I was in cook heaven! They had 10 for $10 Mangos stacked high, and I jumped on the deal. I can't wait to dig in to the ripe fruit tomorrow. I think the shabby produce season is finally starting to break away, finally...

As a high point to the day, I finally received my race results for the 10K I completed this Sunday. After being sick earlier that week, and heading into the cold morning with a goal of 9 minute miles, I ran a 49:51!! If you're doing the math (like me), that's an 8 MINUTE MILE!! I didn't think I would be able to do that, so it felt great when I crossed the finish line.

Like I've always said, running isn't the best feeling. People run for the accomplishment you feel and knowing you can push yourself. After this race, I felt like I was about to barf. I couldn't feel my feet, my stomach was in knots and I didn't know how I was going to walk all the way back (a whole 2 blocks) to my car. But, I was amazed that I pushed myself, that I placed 2nd in my age/gender group, and that I had blasted my previous PR. The course was extremely hilly, and at the end I knew I had given the race all I had. I can't wait to accomplish the challenge of beating this new PR.

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