Standing Apart: A Body of Work

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Seth Godin wrote today about showing off your “Body ofWork”, meaning an easy to find trace of your accomplishments. Obviously, it can be hard to display the intangibles and efforts that you created or did that lead to the success of a project. Godin got me thinking: “How do I, a person in a managerial and client service position, display my successes?”

Surprisingly, I have been trying to answer this question for a while. I’ve done a little research in the past, but haven’t found much luck in my question being answered. The resume used to be the go-to for applying with potential employers or being accepted for certain memberships and committees. But today, a resume is just a piece of written paper with your titles, duties and a little insight into what you do. Does it really show where you excel and what type of backbone you provide for the company body? No. I can tell you that even looking at resumes makes me cringe, and I am not the one hiring people. It is white and black, a crammed up sheet of words and completely un-inspiring.

So how does someone that really will never have a portfolio of design work and pictures of engineering feats in a pretty leather case show their accomplishments?

My BEST guess – an online, highly visual and to the point case study.

What is my action plan? Luckily, I work within a company that does lots of design work and produces actually products such as websites, advertisements, print media etc… and can add these as visual points within my online portfolio. The case studies should be short and sweet: Problem, Action, and Outcome. Make sure to list and highlight how without you working on the project, the outcome would have been different and possibly not a success.
** For those in my situation, make sure you are allowed to use items created at work. Double-check with your employer!

As a side note though – I am not someone who is on the hunt for a new job. This online portfolio would serve as more of a measure of where I can improve. I can look back at projects and say, “What could I have done differently to produce a better outcome?” It will also aid in different committees and boards that I would one day like to join. Currently, I am looking with getting more involved with the Terry Young Alumni, Junior League Atlanta and the Atlanta or Buckhead Alliance. In the future, an MBA is also looking pretty swell, and I feel this would be a great aid to any application I should send out.

For those like me that don’t have design portfolios, how do you plan to show off your work and success?

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