40 Days Fit - Day 6

Overkill: It happens to everyone. I think today, I did an overkill with my workout. It started at 6am, with an early 30 minutes on the elliptical. Easy enough. Next, straight to the gym after work. My warm-up consisted of a quick mile run, then off to Bing I went. I told her to go hard on me, since I was only running for a half hour tomorrow.

She destroyed me. My quads were burning and buckling on me. I could barely finish that last curl. She even made the comment "Girl, you sweat a lot". Yes... I know. Thank my dad for that one. Guess it means I was working.

There was a yoga class scheduled for 7:30, right after my 7-7:30 trainer session. I thought this would be a good idea. I've been neglecting my stretching post-workout. Then we started doing push ups, squats, and what seemed like forever warrior poses. As a coping mechanism, I laugh. Well, I chuckled during yoga. I was THAT person, the one I hate when I am trying to focus on yoga, finding my "strength within", and I was the girl I despise that was laughing in the back of the class. 20 minutes in, I was tempted to grab my shoes and run. Somehow I stayed. I'm really not one to quit, on anything, so walking out of a class is definitely not in my personal rule book.

Finally, when I left the gym at 8:45, I remembered I hadn't been grocery shopping in forever. I planned on going tonight, so I wobbled into Disco Kroger, sweaty with my quick list on the phone. In and out, and back home. What a day - I am completely wiped. We will see if tomorrow involves an early workout. My aching body needs some rest, and I'm starting to feel the beginning of an itchy throat coming (I CAN'T get sick). Beware of overkill - it's an exercise high killer, and more damaging than beneficial.

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