40 Days Fit - Day 3

It's weird, but I was actually excited this morning to head into work. As most everyone knows, I was working out of my office for the past month at a client's. I've repeatedly stated that it was an amazing learning experience and a unbelievable opportunity, but by the end I was so mentally drained that getting back home to Studio 7 was something being looked forward to. It felt like I was coming back home from college to see my family. I missed them, and I wanted to see how things had changed in the office since I had left. I was not dissapointed. It was the same, but the growth that the company is having is great, and exciting. I feel like I am coming back to work refreshed, with a deeper appreciation for the people I work with, and ready to work even harder to keep the company growing. 

I woke up "late" today at 6:30. Normally that is the time that I leave for work in the morning, so it felt late. I immediately rolled out of bed and headed to my small apartment gym for a quick cardio workout. I think this new wake up timing for me is a good thing. I really don't feel like going to the gym for over an hour on a Friday night, so getting my day going with 30 minutes on the elliptical seems like the best option for me. I could still close my eyes as the minutes ticked up on the time completed on my machine. In my tiny gym, there were 5 people already there, doing the same as me. I've never seen more than 2 in there at once, so it felt neat to know that there were other people doing the same thing and committing themselves to these early mornings before a full day of work ahead. 

The morning routine actually got me up and moving for my full day, 9-6 (6:15 really) at work. I was energetic, ready to jump back into all of the projects I left behind and take on the challenge of writing LOTS of thank you letters. After work, I headed to Urban Active to visit my new best friend Bing. She asked if I had run yesterday, and I loved being able to say yes without disappointing her (although she wanted me to run an extra 15 mintues). We did a lot of ab and arm workout again, nothing out of the usual but the use of a little extra rope work. It wasn't one of those workouts that exhausted me, but I was kind of glad since I worked hard the rest of this week. I also think that 2-a-days are going to become my new favorite routine.

I don't see Bing until Monday, so running (and possibly Yoga) will be involved all this weekend. My brother has a regatta meet tomorrow at Stone Mountain, right outside of Atlanta early in the morning. I don't feel like going out tonight - my body needs a break - so I am staying in, waking up early, and headed to see him race around 8am. I've never been to one of his meets, and he has been on the UGA Crew team for almost two full years. I'll bring my camera, and hopefully get some shots of him and the early morning, crisp Stone Mountain morning. I'm also planning on going for a run afterwards. I'm supposed to run a 10K (6.2 miles), so after his races are over I'll try to do that on the mountain and then head to the Oysterfest in Atlanta for some seafood and beer. Hope everyone had a great week and can also fit in some fun this weekend!

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