40 Days Fit - Day 7

Why is rest so important? We think that keeping our bodies moving constantly will only make them better. But after yesterday, I realized it may be time for a recovery. Still, I woke up at 6 am, headed out the door, and did split cardio between the elliptical and a fast paced run. Of course, the one day I decide to wear leggings with a rip in the knee, there was a damn handsome man in the gym (typical). But, my plan was also to run for a half hour later today (short by my standards at the moment, since I am training for a half marathon). However, I am thinking this session will be skipped and that I will wait until my Wednesday training session with Bing to workout again.

Sometimes, you just need a break. And thankfully, it's a good thing for you. I've been getting sick, I feel it coming on, so with a straight week of training now is the perfect time to take a night off. What can this break for a day do for me?

  • I will be able to sleep much better. Going right to bed after you get your adrenaline has been pumping can keep you tossing and turning at night. 
  • I'm allowing my body plenty of time to rebuild those muscles I have been training
  • Rest and relaxation prevents injuries (which I am prone to already)
  • I'll return better - stronger, faster, etc...and ready for Bing's training session on Wednesday
  • I can recover mentally and emotionally. This will prevent burnout. 
  • I can get my ever-growing to do list in my head checked off!
Yay for rest days! And actual logic behind them...

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