My Lent Commitment: 40 Days Fit - Day 1

For Lent, I've decided to do a new series for my blog. I have been trying to figure out how to begin noting my new venture with a trainer and the continuing running training, and the commitment to Lent has come at the perfect time. So, for 40 days, I will be blogging daily about what I am doing, eating, my running, my training, etc... as far as fitness is concerned. I just started with my trainer and am in the middle of training for a half marathon. I can't wait to share what I am up to, and hopefully inspire others.

Today was the first day that the contract work I have been doing finally slowed down. I have been working 12 hour days, with no breaks long enough to even run down to get water. My designer, Tina, has been working just as hard if not more, creating awesome presentations for the conference that this work was for. It was definitely a pressure cooker scenario, and being that we both enjoy staying active, a time we felt that we were pushing any sort of physical activity to the side.

Yesterday, I got home around 7, was eating my turkey and vegetable crock pot meatloaf, and got a text from my trainer, Bing - "Where are you?". CRAP. With my trainer, I sign up for sessions online. I am planning on going 3 times a week for a bit - Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. Apparently I signed up for the wrong date and left her hanging. If you know me, this is completely out of character, and I felt so rude considering she was waiting for me at the gym. I was wasting her time.

She of course is very nice, and let me reschedule for today. I was nervous throughout today, thinking that she would kick my butt since I messed up yesterday. Well, she didn't kick my butt too much since I am running 1.5 hours tomorrow, but my arms are a different story. After some lunges, squats and kettle ball work, she switched to focusing on my whole upper body, going reps past what I though I could, no breaks and pushing me. Just what I need. I was starting to see the veins in my forearms bulge. That's when you know you are working them, or at least for me. She moved to the ground with my, focusing on abs along with a medicine ball to continue working my arms simultaneously. Those last 2 reps out of 15 burned, but it got done.

I didn't think I would be able to get through it all today honestly. I could barely keep my eyes open at 5:30, and my training session wasn't until 7:30. Updated tomorrow (and a sore arm status) on how my run goes, but I also want to mention that I WILL be posting before and after results for the 40 days. I know where I am now, but not quite ready to share. Big reveal to come!

Off to bed for me. I think this is the first time in a month that I will sleep in on a workday. Tomorrow is the wrap up for my contract work and back to Propel on Friday. I can't wait to see what the office has been up to - it has been just a full month since I have been there. But, this conference experience has been unlike any other.

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