40 Days Fit - Day 2

Today was a BIG day! I finished my contract position with UPS, and tomorrow will be the first day back at the Propel office in a month. It is going to feel like coming home from college, when a lot will be the same, but you can notice changes immediately. From what I have heard though, Propel is up to a lot, and many things have changed. Being so consumed in this UPS project, I haven't had the chance to catch up on what my company has been doing, so I am excited to see the growth that have been whispering about.

It was also a big day with training. I used to be able to do 8 to 9 miles easy. It didn't take much to run out and back to the Woodruff Arts Center/High Museum area, which is exactly 4 miles from me. But today, it was difficult. There is a combination of things that I could say are the "cause" of why I didn't feel as strong as usual, but let's be honest - I haven't been running as much as I should have. I need to stop making excuses. No matter how tired, sore, or the small amount of time I have, I need to get my running training in if I want to do this half in 20 days without feeling awful the whole time. I could run a half marathon right now, but would I really want to? NO WAY. 

About a mile in, I saw out of the corner of my eye someone coming behind me. It was a taller guy, probably about my age, and obviously fit. Considering the thermometers along Peachtree said it was 76 degrees at 5pm today, he was also shirtless. He definitely looked like a runner. I dropped a little behind him and to the side, thinking that he would easily pass me. 

He didn't. We paced with each other for about another mile and a half, until we ran up "Cardiac Hill" and I dropped behind. I think I had also been running a little longer than him. A mile down the road, there he was, crossing the street. Good to know I didn't fall too far behind. 

There were so many people out today, probably because of the amazing weather we are having. It felt like a fall day, with a small chill and breezy. But for me, even if it is freezing out, my face will without fail get red and I will start to sweat. I've always loved the saying "If you look pretty after, you're not pushing hard enough." It seems like the motto to my fitness life. 

Lucky for me, a gas station is right next to my apartment. I had brought my credit card in my spy belt (the best running purchase I have EVER made) and ran in to grab some Powerade Zero. I hadn't purchased them in a while, but my trainer said it's a great idea after a hard workout, so I did. As a complete surprise, they now have Fruit Punch flavor - pretty much made my day.

So now, my body is sore everywhere, I have a training session tomorrow and I will be popping some serious Aleve to make my body feel human again. I can't wait to "sleep in" tomorrow (7am) with work not being till 9. My body needs rest, and it is telling me it does by having the starting symptoms of sick. Let's hope that isn't the case.

If you are a runner, check out the new "My Race Calendar" page I added to my blog. I decided to sign up for about 5 races today, so let me know if you will be there too!

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