40 Days Fit - Day 4

Today was an early morning since the same went for Friday night. I was headed out early for Stone Mountain for a run, and more importantly to see my brother's first regatta. At 8am, he was off. We weren't able to see much of the race (it was a scrimmage), but I plan to go to a larger one soon that has a little more "view" while watching this absolutely beautiful sport.

After the race, I headed out for a run around Stone Mountain. They have 5 and 8 mile loops, along with a 1.3 mile hike up the mountain. I opted for the 5 mile loop. It was absolutely beautiful. At about 45 to 50 degrees outside, the temperature was just right for me. It also amazed me how I could feel a complete difference in how I was breathing. In Atlanta, and on Peachtree, I am obviously in a fog of exhaust for my runs, but going through an area where nothing but runners and bikes are allowed really changed the air quality and allowed my breathing to feel incredible! Instead of bore today with long writing, I decided to mix it up with some photos - change it up a little. Here are those I took on my run:

The front of the mountain, with Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis carved on

End of the run, and no sign of this hill's end 

Off to Day 1 of the 25th Oysterfest in Atlanta! Go out and enjoy this absolutely gorgeous weekend day!


  1. Great pictures!!! Inspiring blog too. I did a great spin class this morning and am trying to get in better shape... keep writing & have fun at oysterfest!

  2. you have to tell me what kind of camera you have - your pics are always great and I need a new one!