...And Then I Met JB

I found myself quickly lying on my back on the blue mat, feet propped up on the stability ball. I needed to shut my eyes for a second and let the blood rush back to my head so the dizzy feeling would stop. I remember this feeling, from high school, when I would do 400 sprints over and over again. Track days in Georgia during March and April were always the worst. Too hot, too little water and not enough time in between sets.

But I hadn't just been running sprints, and it wasn't the middle of spring. I was at my gym having a fitness assessment for personal training done. Going into the test, I was unsure if personal training was something I would really be interested in. But laying on the ground, feeling how hard my body had been pushed after less than 15 minutes, I knew it was for me. I hated feeling that my body wasn't capable. I guess I have gotten so used to doing what I'm good at - running. I can go for long distances, I know how to improve my speeds and I am comfortable with it. This was not comfortable.

But comfort isn't something my body needs. I want to challenge it. I signed up immediately for a year long personal training package. JB, a man stacked with pure muscle and triple my size, put my body through hell. But he was just testing me to see who would be the best fit for helping me reach my fitness goals. He chose Bing. She bikes over 300 miles a week, trains daily and has a list of client to prove it. I had seen her working with others at the gym, and now I was going to join those poor people who looked utterly wiped after a half hour with her.

I met with her for the first time on Saturday for my measurements and to get down my starting points. Today is the first day of real training, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of those numbers and measures go down. It will definitely be my next fitness challenge, as I am still training for a half marathon while working with Bing 3 times a week. But she is an endurance athlete, so if anything she will help me decrease my time even more (as a reminder, my goal for the 13.1 miles is under 2 hours) while getting my body into a completely new shape. Here goes, Day 1- bring it!

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