40 Days Fit - Day 5

I learned something to remember today - 5 pints of beer, one bloody mary, 50 oysters, and lobster bisque over a 2 day festival does not work well when you try to run 4 miles fast afterwards. All of this was consumed over a two day period and in between my Saturday morning and Sunday night run. 

Oysterfest 2012 was turned out really well, and will be something to attend next year. The bands were ok, the food was great, but the best part was the people watching. It's always neat to see the differences in crowds to one event, and this only proved it. Whether it was the women dressed with easter- like hats, the creepy old men hitting on the drunk 20-something blond girls, or the one girl who decided to wear her black six inch stilettos to a beer guzzling-esque event that involved getting dirty cracking open shells, it kept the entertainment going. 

Emily and I headed to it Saturday, when it was really busy. We ended up staying till close, then headed to Steamhouse for their lobster bisque, which with a little Texas Pete deserves its "famous" title. I found one of my good friends, Devin (check out his 100 Days To Win blog), on Saturday as well. I got him to head back with me on Sunday for some oyster lunch and a more relaxed day with kids throwing footballs on the field. I also came away from the festival with 3 koozies, and if you know me, that made my weekend. 

After a long day and some awkward tan lines today (Atlanta had the most BEAUTIFUL weather today), I finally pushed myself to run towards Midtown from Buckhead, which is needing to turn back into my normal route. It is notorious for hills, especially the one known as cardiac hill for those running the Peachtree Road Race every 4th of July. Mile one and a half went quickly, and felt great, but then I started to regret that extra oyster bucket I made Devin eat with me today. 

My goal was 4 miles. I knew where the 2 mile mark was, so I pushed, even though it felt like I was needing to find a nice bush at any moment. I kinda wish it did happen- then I might not have felt so awful going back. But either way, I did my 9 miles total this weekend, along with eliminating some of the Vitamin D deficiency that rainy Atlanta weekends have caused. Let's hope the weather stays like this for a little bit, since Bourbon, Beer and BBQ is up next on the list (along with 3 days with Bing, just for that reason) for this weekend. If you need a little extra motivation, I opened up the VS Swimsuit catalogue today. Guess it's getting to push time...

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