Day 1

Instead of celebrating Valentine's Day like the rest of the human population, I'm celebrating my Day 1 of the next year. I guess you could call it my new year, but that would be too much for me to keep up with, on top of every other thing I "start" at some point. Why is it Day 1 for me today?

Yesterday was my first personal training sessions with Bing. We discussed what the next month or two would look like- training, diet and exercise, so that is why today is Day 1. My new plan starts now.

 Luckily she turned to me after and said I was no weakling. That was a boost. I also got asked about my boyfriend by another trainer, JB... that was another story. Apparently I have a boyfriend I didn't know about. I cleared that up pretty quickly.

So, here goes Day 1. No chocolate on Valentine's Day for me. I'll be celebrating with a quick run and baking some goodies for guy friends (which I am NOT touching). I'm excited for this next year commitment, for the accountability that Bing will hold me to, and to see the changes I will go through. Here's to Day 1!

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