40 Days Fit - Day 37

Lent has breaks. Every Sunday, you are allowed to "take off" your streak.  Sunday is the day of rest, and I haven't been making it such, so I took 5 (oops!) days off in a row. Yes, me, I have not worked out since Wednesday. It has made me feel kind of lethargic, but I got to spend some quality time with some great people.

On Wednesday, I was at work till late wrapping up what was needed to be done before I took a two day "stay-cation" in Atlanta. I missed my Triple Fit (weight/cardio class) and instead headed to Buckhead Saloon for a few margaritas and a happy birthday celebration that hopped from there, to the Ivy, and back to her mama's apartment for some Publix cake (arguably the best, sugary-sweet cake out there). That's when the non-health kick streak started. I was at Buckhead Saloon (for Blue Moon and music) the next day along with Fat Matt's (BBQ) and Ru San's (Sushi). My friend from London, Travis, was in town, and I had every intention of showing him some Southern hospitality, and cookin'.

On Friday we headed to Einstein's on Juniper, where the pesto and peppers turkey burger I got along with a side of pepperjack grits might have been one of the best "gourmet" burgers I had ever eaten. I got Travis to try the grits, which he had never heard of, and he quickly ordered a side for himself. The amount of fried foods that were everywhere, along with the large portion sizes, completely amazed him. Chicken wings, chicken fingers, fried green tomatoes, mayonnaise based cole slaw... all of it pointed to why the obesity in America is at such a high rate. It's very neat to hear the different lifestyles, and actually take in another culture's view point on what you have on your plate. It's going to make me start ordering differently. I just need to keep it in mind more often.

We also headed to Neighbor's pub in VaHi for a beer along with Grindhouse burgers for their Monkey Wrench boozy shake. Make sure to mix it, or it all settles to the bottom, and try their gringo burger with srichacha (the red bottle) if you like spicy. I hadn't been to either of these places (or Einstein's), so I was learning right along with him.

After a sore goodbye (I refuse to get all emotional on these postings - I just really don't want to deal with my feelings at the moment), I headed to Park Tavern for the Crawfish festival with "the boys" and Emily. Not only did they run out of Crawfish not even half way into their event, but the bands were "different" (aka really bad) and I ran into my trainer, Bing, with a beer in hand. Oops. The best part about the day though was the Cajun Bloody Mary's and getting to chill out in Piedmont Park with some great friends.

So today, the last day of my eating out ways for a bit, began with Flying Biscuit Cafe with mama P, where you HAVE to get their grits, a biscuit and I ordered a half portion of their Orange scented French toast. So yummy, and so full that mom and I both passed out on the couch for a little. Before I headed home though, we stopped at Yogur-lee-hee, the best fro yo place I have been to, especially for the price.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to it, getting in the gym with Bing. I know these 5 days will be felt, so I am actually kind of nervous about our session tomorrow. I'm just going to take it as a kick-off, and pop some advil so I can move the next two days.

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