White Bean Salsa - Vitamix Recipe #1

So, mom and I are starting our new little adventure. We finally took the leap and each bought a Vitamix! I have to say, I am sad I didn't buy this earlier - it is amazing. If you get the chance, go to a demonstration, ask questions, spend the money for your health. You will be convinced and your body will really thank you. Plus, you will make some of the best tasting, easy foods you have ever had.

I was looking into purchasing a juicer for a while, a Breville, and I am so glad that I decided not to. The juicer only goes so far, and it does not actually provide all of the nutrients from the whole food. When you use the Vitamix, you get the WHOLE food - seed, stem, everything... and you'd be surprised at the nutrients you are missing out on by only eating parts of a fruit or vegetable. This machine is amazing - I'm thinking about writing about it's benefits throughout my blog (and my use).

White Bean Salsa

So, for the first round of Vitamix use, I went for White Bean Salsa. Throw the following into the blender:

Can of Great North Beans, drained
2 large tomatoes, in quarters
Squirt of basil
Squirt of cilantro
1/2 an onion, quartered
garlic clove
1 jalapeno, seeds and stem removed, sliced in two
salt and pepper

White Bean Salsa
Don't blend too long. I used about a 3, mixing until it was still chunky and the beans had broken up a little. I think I'll add a few more spices next time to get a bigger kick, but this was nice and mild - good for a crowd.


  1. I just made this but also added an avocado and a squeeze of 1/2 a lime. It was delicious!

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