Caffeine Cut

Well, almost a week in. More like 4 days. I've cut out coffee, soft drinks, etc... Tea is still a go to. But no Diet Dr.Pepper (DDP) or Diet Coke for this girl. I'm eliminating most sugar and substitutes for the month. I talked about this in a previous post.

These first few days have been rough. I just want to buy a candy bar and go into my office fridge where cases of DDP are waiting for me to crack open. But, I'm avoiding. It's actually put me in a kind of pissy mood, and I think it got to some people. I was super tired at work the first few days, but I am starting to get past that and actually feel a lot better. I can tell I am sleeping much better at night, not waking up every hour as I have been the past couple months, so that's good news!

With the George Foreman I got for Christmas, I've also been cooking a little more. I made grilled chicken, brown rice, and sauteed mushroom and onions for dinner. So yummy and not from my typical frozen ziplocs when I make multiple meals for the week on Sunday. Upgrade!

Another trial was homemade hummus. This was roasted pepper. It's going to take some tweaking for the recipe, but started off well.

Let's see how these next few weeks go... 

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