Sugar Free 3 and My New Favorite Product

Well, the month challenge of Sugar Free is almost over, but I didn't do my best the past few days. I can only expect that though when I want to be social, do dinner and have a few drinks with friends. But, it was a big weekend - the little's birthday!

First was the donut, the cookies and the cupcakes all waiting for when we arrived in Athens. Fail

Then it was the cookies I made for my house warming party on Saturday. Fail

Sunday I was craving Diet Coke, which I have not had once this year. Fail

Finally, it was dinner at my place where friends brought Snicker-doodles. Final Fail

So, the past few days didn't go so well. And it isn't just the sugar-free aspect of the challenge, but rather that my jeans are fitting a little more snug today. But back to it as usual. Tonight is Triple Fit at Urban Active, a new class that has started fitting into my schedule between work, play and training for the half-marathon. I have to incorporate more than just running to keep me entertained. It is a weights/cardio class for an hour. Mainly women go, but there are a few men that don't mind jumping around on raised benches to hip-hop.

My roommate actually had a great idea for her New Year's resolution that stuck: "Put that cookie down!". Think about what I listed above and how I could have avoided a ton of sugar if that little voice started going through my head.

I also had one other thing that I had to rave about for all of those whose hair is crying from this winter weather! When I got back from Europe, I used the straightener I purchased there for a while. It worked well, but eventually stopped (it was cheap). I had broken my $100+ straightener in Paris when I plugged it in WITH a power converter. Once it smelled like burnt plastic, I knew it was all over.

So, I've been using a semi-cheap one for a bit and have noticed my poor hair is frying! I feel so bad for it. This weekend I finally walked into Sephora and went ahead with buying the GHD and Ojon Damage Repair treatment. Wow, is this stuff amazing! You use it weekly, and being that I only have used it once, I already notice a difference. Shinier, less tangled, and less visible split ends. If you are looking for a hair fix, try this. It is completely worth it! Click HERE to view the product's webpage.

So, final week and a half of the sugar free challenge to go. If nothing else, it has taught me to look a little harder when you are purchasing foods at the store. You never know what is in it until you check the labels!

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