Back to the Brushes: Craft Day!

A release is sometimes just the thing to make your day brighter. It can be time with friends, going for a drive, a hard run, time spent reading or one of my favorites - taking paint to canvas. I was serious about art in high school. It tended to fill my classes, whether drawing, photography or sculpture. But the one thing I loved the most was painting. Mixing, using various brushes, creates high lights and shadowing... it was something I could do for hours upon hours. I lost most of the time I spent with painting until I discovered the fratty trend of cooler painting. I have to say, I was impressed with what I took the time to create. But, much of my painting has stopped for the time being thanks to lack of fitting it into my schedule, not really any work space and also some emptiness of creativity.

But this week, I felt a spurt. I wanted an additional piece for my bare yellow walls (which after painting in September I think I may want to change, but I think that will just have to wait until the next place). So, I ran to Dick Blick in Roswell after Sunday lunch with my Dad, bought some paints at Michaels, and started brushing. It's a very simple painting, but just the small amount of stress relief I needed.

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