Move to Atlanta: T - 5 days

It's almost here!! The day I move into the big city, ready to take on life ITP (inside the perimeter, aka I-285). With the anticipation and excitement building, I have been running through decorating blogs like crazy, gaining ideas on how to decorate my room perfectly. I have most of my ideas noted, such as yellow washed walls, antique teal and blue accents, and lots of white/off white textures. But the DIY-er in me has also taken hold, wanting to add my own touches to my current furniture pieces and creating works to decorate the walls. Besides trying to get everything right though, the biggest challenge will be finding enough room to house my ever-expanding wardrobe. It needs to be dwindled, and soon, even though my apartment will have a walk in closet just for me! I have also decided on a new name for my blog, since A) I'm no longer Jobless and B) I'm no longer Homeless. So my friends, welcome to "Reminisceering and Spancreating", more or less a jumble of words stating that there is an engineering of memories and a spanning of my creations to others.

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