23 Candles

I can't state enough what a crazy few weeks this has been. I've already completed a full month at my job (which it seems like I've only been there a few days), I've moved into my new apartment and am actually living here, with a large amount of disorganization surrounding me, and I am still training for this marathon in November, training being me running 17 miles on Sunday. Like I stated, crazy. 

Between the lack of sleep, the work schedule, and the continuous moving process, I somehow managed to squeeze in some  time for fun. Last Friday, my brother Daniel and I went to the Weepies concert at Variety Playhouse. The show was amazing, with a perfect stage set-up and props that resembled their music. They have a very soothing, lullaby, emotionally moving sound to them, and it become very obvious it affected lots of people, especially when I turned around to see a girl bawling her eyes out. I'm glad I didn't get to that point. I had been listening to their music for a while before the concert, and was really excited to find Daniel and I could gain practically front row seats thanks to the general admission status of Variety Playhouse's tickets. I also scored the set list! What a cool thing to have. Hopefully the Weepies will begin getting more publicity and exposure, since they are definitely a husband-wife duo to take note of. 

Wednesday involved another trip to Little Five Points at Star Bar to see Tumbleweed Stampede, a band from Athens. I know one of their members, and it was cool seeing that people actually came to watch them, even though they are a lesser known band from a city over an hour away from the venue. Their large amount of band members (I believe 9), including a tuba and trombone player, was a completely refreshing take on the standard 3 or 4 piece band. It was also about to be my birthday that night, at midnight. Somehow I turned 23. Wow, old. I can't imagine how I'll feel at 24. 

My birthday turned into just dinner with dad and dessert with mom, with the intention of me passing out before 10pm. This weekend, I am sure, will fly by. But Friday night with Danielle already set a good launching point for my new life in Atlanta. 

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