Laboring for Labor Day

Well, my Labor Day weekend didn't officially begin until Saturday night. I work six days a week, 5 at the Propel Agency and Saturdays at Notable Weddings. Labor Day weekend was no different. After walking away from the Wedding planner's beaten and bruised due to some attacks by mannequins and rolling racks, I finally made it to a bar to watch my Dawgs. Well, watch them lose unfortunately. Personally I really disliked their new uniforms. When the traditions of football and the reputation that teams need to uphold is in question recently, a deviation from our deep roots seems like a slap in the face. My true disappointment lied with the lack of silver britches, probably the uniform piece we are best known for. Instead, we opted for an all red scheme with a "Go Go Power Rangers!" feel. To add to our attempt at something new (let's remind ourselves about the black-out we had 3 years ago versus Bama. Ouch!), we looked like a mess all over the field. The best part about my night was the discovery of Left Hand Black Jack Porter. Yum!

But back to what I actually created this weekend. I am moving into my new Buckhead apartment this Friday (hopefully) and really wanting to start designing/decorating for it already. I am somewhat jumping the gun and really just creating more things for me to move and pack, but I couldn't help myself. My project that finally got finished were these framed photos. I started with black frames picked up from Hobby Lobby in all different sizes and primed them to put a light pink/skintone color on them (acrylic paint). It always helps that mom has a paint studio in her basement.

I then let them dry, and white washed them with a stiff brush. See the difference!

I also decided any old mat wouldn't do, so I covered mine with fabrics that I also picked up from Hobby Lobby.

Then I added some edited photos from my Paris trip and got these. So excited to hang them!

Finally, you know I couldn't go two whole weeks without baking. I used THIS recipe and mine turned out looking more like pink and yellow tie-dye than two distinct colors, but how cool! They also turned out to be a hit at the office. A good way to kick off a Tuesday and the first rainy/chilly day Georgia has seen in months. 

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  1. I love love love you picture frame girl! I'm super jealous of your Atlanta apartment and jobbb