Whew! Take a second to breathe

Life is a whirl wind: constantly. I think I need to accept this at some point and realize controlling my day every day is impossible. I'm not very good at that though. I love schedules, order, timing, management (wonder why I chose my major/current job position?)

Well, this year has flown by unlike any other. It has been a packed 365 days. Am I ready for a new 2012? Ehhh, yeah!

This past holiday weekend was no change from the others. My mom had a Christmas party two weeks before, then we attended 2 other "adult" parties on the 24th and yesterday, the 26th. Luckily wine was involved at both. Thanks to my new found love of cooking, I received some awesome gadgets from Santa - a wok, crock pot and a George Foreman grill! Score!

But this past week, of course, involved me baking for HOURS upon hours, making the holiday goodies that would soon be making my jeans a little more snug. But they turned out great!

My list included:

- Peppermint Christmas Tree Meringues
- Red Velvet Cupcakes with Hershey Kisses with melted White Chocolate and Peppermint on top
- White chocolate dipped pretzel rods, rolled in peppermint pieces
- Attempted cake ball bites. Not my favorite, too much cream cheese. I'll try again soon.

We also had the AMAZING cake that Trudy makes for every party I have ever seen her at. She hosted us on Christmas Eve, complete with Chocolate Vodka, Beans, Pork Loin, Briskette, Jell-O wreathes and insanely sweet potatoes. I didn't make it to the desserts thanks to all of the amazing main courses.

Finally, I also hand-made my dad's Christmas present. Marinades! I looked up a few different recipes online, 2 for steaks and one for chicken, mixed all the ingredients into the water containers from Crate & Barrel (these glass jars were ALL over Paris this summer instead of pitchers) and put the ingredient list on a tag for him. This may be one of my new go-to gifts for people, especially men who like grilling. 

I'm headed to Nashville for New Years, and can't wait to explore the city! Another weekend of excess eating - Heck YES!! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Holiday.

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