Looking Ahead to 2012

I've at least started my new year planning right: I have my "words to live by"

Is this helping me reach my goals?

It can be applied to everything, and it isn't something difficult to carry out. Decisions I make throughout the day, when I feel that little guilt (such as eating a pint of ice cream or bailing on hanging out with friends) I can ask this. It's just a small reminder to help keep me moving in the right direction. You may see that this idea is repeated throughout some of my future posts.

But besides following a few simple words, what are my solid, measurable goals?

First - I want to run at least 3 half marathons. I ran a full and two half marathons this year, so I feel that this is very doable. With that, I want so badly to break 2 hours on my next one.  I have run a 2:05, and a 2:03 this past October. 2:00 is just laughing at me, taunting me and urging me to break it. I know I can. My next race is March 14, The Georgia Publix Marathon. If it's a fast course and I train properly, I'm solid. Here are some other options for this year:

March 14: Georgia Publix 1/2 Marathon (Atlanta, GA)
April 28: Rock 'N Roll (Nashville)
July 22: Rock 'N Roll (Chicago, IL)
September 22: Rock 'N Roll (Denver, CO)
October 13: Rock 'N Roll (New York, NY)
November 22: Atlanta Half Marathon (Atlanta, GA)
December 8: Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon (Kiawah Island, SC)

I'll also be running the Peachtree Road Race (only a 10k) July 4th in Atlanta. The start line is next to my apartment! Easy walking distance, and I haven't run it since 2010. 

Second, I am trying a sugar-free diet for January. Join me by signing up HERE

I may not follow this perfectly, but no artificial or sugar added to food is what I am going to be doing. That means no chewing gum, Diet soda and only black tea/coffee (but that is what I already do, luckily). I'm also still allowing beer and my signature vodka-waters with a real lime.

Third, I think it seems like a good detox year, not just with food, but also with my closet! It needs an overhaul because right now it is out of control! There are so many pieces I no longer wear. I just need to dump them.

Those are my first steps for 2012, but I am sure more ideas are to come!

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