Southern Travels Part 1 - Charleston

This blog has been long overdue! I am trying to revert back to my weekly post goal, but it just is not happening. My life has been go go go go go and I am really trying to get used to it. It's like back in high school days, except real effort has to actually be put forth. Gone are the days of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights downtown. No more Tuesday/Thursday class schedule. Hellllooo real world and responsibility! It's exciting, fast-paced and a whole new learning process in itself.

There is some time for fun though. After a full 3 months of missing my best friend, I finally made it to Charleston! It was the longest drive possible, totaling almost 6 hours, but great to get to the city I've never really visited. I stayed on a navy boat docked in Charleston for a night once when my brother was a cub scout, but actually visiting the city had yet to be done. Caroline managed to push me into her car and out to a dive bar to watch her friend's band play at 12 that night. Half-asleep, with a good 3 red bulls in my system, we somehow met new people- as usual- and had some potential Halloween plans for the next night.

Saturday was the first time I had been to a football game this season, and it wasn't even the Dawgs! Citadel vs. VMI is the big game of the year, and lucky for us we had been invited to one of the best tailgates thrown by older alumni. There was a ton of food, blood marys, mimosas, and even decorated cookies (of course I judged, and they were spectacular looking!). Citadel took the win, and the games of cornhole continued until later in the afternoon. Caroline and I needed to watch the Cocktail party, and cheer on our team. Unfortunately, we were so wiped out that most of the game was watched when we woke up from our naps, only to pass right back out within 2 minutes. At least we were alive enough to watch the end and see UGA defeat Florida for the first time since our Freshman year in college.

For Halloween, we managed to make plans with my new friend Hunter, and headed out as a Bunny and Bear. After shuffling bar to bar and walking past the long lines of people waiting to get in, Hunter's friend managed to sweep us right into one of the busiest. Luckily the Ron Burgandy crew knew the owner. Success. The drinks were perfectly Halloween themed. I think they placed a piece of dry ice in the bottom to get them smoking on top. Spooky!

The weekend ended with chicken and waffles for breakfast and a tour of downtown Charleston during the day. Can't wait to get back there soon!

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