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What a weird weekend this has been. It was a weekend of laughter, tears, Emergency Room visits, concerts, beer, and lots of football. I think every possible component of a bad and good weekend were combined into 2 days.

It has left me realizing that I am extremely lucky, but also in a weird position with my life. I want and need goals, but how do you set them for your life? It is a tremendous task, and maybe I should take little steps at a time, but can you really plan the twists and turns your life will take? Every day is literally life-changing.

I checked myself into the ER this weekend after noticing some chest pain. After blood tests, EKG's, X-rays, and passing out when I had blood drawn, I luckily was told that nothing was wrong with my heart and there were no possible clots. Actually, just the opposite. My heart looked phenomenal, and my HR resting was consistently under 50 bpm. I definitely am giving credit to my running. Only 13 more days until I complete my first marathon!

I guess that is one of my life goals, but it has nothing to do with where I am most of the time - work. What do I want, what do I want to learn, and where do I want to be? These are all questions I think everyone should ask themselves, just to help them decide if they are headed on the right path. However, they are probably some of the most difficult questions to answer. Again, life ain't easy.

My Sunday turned into me practically glued to the couch, baking some cupcakes, watching football/baseball, and really taking the time to recover from a mentally and physically draining Saturday. Taking time for yourself is completely necessary.

This transition to being a real, working woman has really taken it's toll. I know I am in a great position, but deciding how I want to live my life post-college and who I want to be with me through it are tough, almost impossible decisions to make. I guess I will just have to see where it goes and enjoy the ride!

"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from." -T.S. Eliot

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